Real L.I.F.E. Stories

Jesus changes lives!

The story of Pi Deng

We met Pi Deng* in one of our Christmas celebrations in a village. She was sitting in a dark corner, loud, smoking and drunk. After the program we went to her and asked if she wanted prayers. That small question broke the ice and ended up with Pi Deng accepting Jesus. After that night we started meeting her every week and we got to know her more and more about her.  She is one among the many familiar stories of Thai Ladies from Isaan that go to the big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya working as prostitutes hoping that she will find a farang (Western) man. After working in the bars for some years she came back home to her village but instead of a farang man she came back 

HIV positive and addicted to alcohol. Alone, HIV positive back in the village, rejected by the society – even by her own family members. Fortunately, the story does not end there! That Christmas she met the One who  loves her unconditionally, the Giver of hope to the hopeless: her life completely changed. Today she is free from the grip of alcohol, completed her DTS, and is serving as a full time worker in a church in Isaan, living the abundant life Jesus promises. That is what Tamar Korat loves to see happening in the lives of many more women like Pi Deng.

* This is an alias for the sake of her privacy.